The Growing Need for Renewable Energy

There are a variety of reasons for the growing need for renewable energy. The current most common source of energy, fossil fuels, is limited. If we continue to use energy at the current rate many believe we could use all of these fossil fuels up in the next 100 years. This finite source can be compared to the infinite rays of the sun or the wind. These inexhaustible sources of energy make sense when compared to a source that will end in the next century. These sustainable sources are available when the oil runs out.
Another reason for more renewable energy sources comes in the form of pollution. Fossil fuels are burned to produce energy; burning coal or oil causes smoke which can create pollution and damage our ozone layer. This layer of atmosphere is crucial and important to all life on our planet. Fossil fuels also create pollution when they are mined or pumped from the earth. These contaminants can harm drinking water and damage soil where food or other crops could grow. Sometimes the pollution comes from a leak in an oil pipe or a spill from a large oil tanker. These spills ruin ecosystems and ruin food sources.
A more positive reason to look toward renewable energy is that the costs of these technologies. They are finally dropping down to a place where they make sense financially. Solar panels on a homeowner’s roof are now at a price where the homeowner reaps the benefits within ten years, sometimes even less. This is compared to a decade ago when the benefits were not seen for twenty years. This shorter window is more alluring to homeowners who are interested in greener energy.
Renewable energy is now more financially feasible but a large infrastructure for our county would be needed. This infrastructure would create jobs to install windfarms and large solar arrays. These workers would require training, creating jobs in schools and universities. These skilled workers would also be part of the workforce to maintain these large scale renewable energy sources. More skilled workers means more money in our economy and that helps the whole country.